Night Care Support.


“We are here to support you through the night.”

In some circumstances, people will need care and support well into the night for a variety of reasons, and at Apex Healthcare Services Ltd. we recognise that a person’s need for care does not end when the sun sets.
We therefore provide a night care service to help clients and their families feel secure and at ease. 

We provide a flexible service, allowing people to adjust the level of support as necessary. We are aware that a person’s needs change frequently, and we value people being in charge of their own care and support so they may feel confident that the service can change to meet their needs.

The process often starts with an assessment to determine the degree of care and support required, followed by a discussion of the outcomes you would like to see achieved and the structure of your care and support. After all of this is confirmed, we may offer one-to-one night care, easing any stress or worry associated with being alone at night.



Domiciliary Care’s Questions

  • Due to changes in health or ability, do you feel you may benefit from assistance or support around the home?
  • Do you find it challenging getting in and out of bed on your own?
  • Do you feel you would benefit from help with your everyday activities and household duties, such as washing, cooking, and cleaning?
  • Do you have concerns managing your medication and feel an extra pair of hands and eyes would give you a little more reassurance?
  • Do you feel you would benefit from help with preparing meals, to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs?
  • Do you have concerns about personal care and hygiene, and feel you would benefit from a little help?
  • Have you recently been discharged from hospital and looking for someone to help for a short time until you are back on your feet?


If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then domiciliary care may be an option to consider, A service providing support and assistance by qualified and well-trained professional carer(s), in the comfort your home.
In addition, this type of care will not only offer comfort but also peace of mind to loved one, knowing that someone is there to look after their loved one when they are not available.


Benefits of domiciliary care over a care home.


Domiciliary care is the ideal option for the individual who wishes to stay at home but may need additional assistance with personal care, medication management, housework, or other tasks in and out of the home.
While care homes offer everything you need, individuals often miss the comfort and familiarity of being home.

And so the largest benefit of domiciliary care is that it provides you support and assistance by qualified and well-trained professional carer(s), in the comfort and familiarity of home. And at the same time, allowing you to still retain a level of independence and control, making decisions on how you wish to be cared for.

About us.

“At Apex Healthcare we have a team of professional carers who are passionate about helping clients maintain and improve their health and wellbeing. We support a wide range of clients, from older adults, to client with physical disabilities, or mental challenges like dementia .  The care team’s approach to supporting clients is viewing each individual as if they were their own family member, within professional boundaries. Focusing on traditional care core values and incorporating the latest technological Innovations to ensure clients’ well-being needs are met.”


What Our Clients Say About Us

A clear difference has been seen in my dads’ care since he began using Apex Healthcare Services Ltd. Prior to Apex, dad used other reputed providers, but faced different issues with the carers, leaving him anxious about having care.

Using Apex Healthcare Services Ltd, and their well-trained, professional, and friendly carers has transformed dad’s life, putting him and us at ease. When visiting him now, we feel relaxed knowing that someone is with him who will truly look after him.”

M Saxton ( Son of Our Client)

We were very unsatisfied as my mother was residing in a care home with dementia, unhappy, not exactly receiving the type of care she needs.


But now, with the transition of being cared for under the live-in care service from Apex Healthcare Services Ltd, she is satisfied, happier, and at ease, being cared for in familiar surroundings. Seeing her back at home makes us happy too.
Lilly Simon(Daughter of Our Client)

Jamaica BellJamaica Bell
18:38 16 Jun 22
Apex has shown me that in this area of job, not only do the carers feel passionate about their work but the office staff do aswell. I always have massive amounts of support from the office and I am grateful to be part of such an amazing team 🙂
Barbara MolnárBarbara Molnár
19:39 27 Apr 22
I am glad to work with Apex Healthcare, because the clients are really happy to work with us with Apex carers, they feel themselves Well looked after and it is really rewarding to work in this atmosphere. This is due to the high standard we work on and the really professional, supportive management and back office team. The Apex Healthcare team as a whole is a great , person centered, caring and happy team, thatswhy I would like to suggest the Apex Healthcare Services with confidence !
Team 230Team 230
18:20 27 Apr 22
“Outstanding Team with a great company culture who go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel.”Forever grateful for the opportunity and being part of such an amazing team since September 2017
Holly McguganHolly Mcgugan
11:31 27 Apr 22
Apex is a great place to work. There is always a friendly and professional atmosphere and our recent feedback shows that we are providing excellent care. I am happy to be part of the team!
ogunyomi ayodejiogunyomi ayodeji
11:14 27 Apr 22
What I love most about Apex is the people. Very supportive, friendly and professional. You can never tall who is what when everyone is together. Mo matter what, the job gets done. Every comments and complains are well attended to. In my little time knowing apexhealthcare, it's been amazing.

Apex Healthcare Services in Domiciliary Care. “Good” CQC Rating

Our company, Apex Healthcare Services, is recognised among a number of quality domiciliary care service providers. We are regulated and accredited by “CQC” the (Care Quality Commission).

With our care team’s support and dedication, we endeavour to meet client expectation and work towards their satisfaction, “CQC” has accredited us with a “Good” rating and we are constantly working to improve the quality of the service we provide. We have a team that regularly under go’s  tailored training programs equipping them to meet the needs of clients with a wide range of care and support needs. Our carers are skillfully trained, and are passionate about ensuring you are well cared for.

We also have a dedicated management team, who work to ensure that the service is not only safe, but is also person centered, enabling individuals to tailor the support their receive.  We know that it is essential to ensure that daily tasks are completed, but recognise the equal importance of creating opportunities for clients to engage in interests and past times that will benefit health and wellbeing.

To further promote health and wellbeing, we work alongside other professionals like occupational therapists, GP’s, district nurses, therapist and local councils. Working to ensure needs and expectations are met.

A message from our team.


“At Apex Healthcare Services Ltd, our “First and Foremost approach” to ensuring a professional care service is recruiting the right individuals to provide your care. This is then followed by continually working to equip and enhance the caregivers’ professionalism through our tailored training programs.

When recruiting individuals to join our care team, we look for individuals of good character who genuinely enjoy caring and supporting people. Individuals who will become part of our Apex Health Care family, working towards building and maintaining valuable relationships amongst the care team as well as with the clients they will support. At Apex Healthcare Services Ltd, we believe that these relationships will help us understand and meet client expectations.”

– Apex Healthcare



At Apex Healthcare Services there are no setup fees, no charge for the initial consultation and assessment.

The price of our home care service depends on your care needs.
Moreover, you can get your personalised care plan tailored to your individual needs.

Our Service is versatile and unique, considering all existing routines — whether you have a particular program for an overnight treatment, medication schedules, or a hobby you like.

If you, or your loved one wish to change your support plan, the service offers flexibility, because we know that needs are constantly changing. We put your needs above all else at Apex Healthcare Services.
So, call us to find out more about our domiciliary care services, our care team would be happy to help and discuss the various options available to you.



Contact Us.



If you have a question, need extra information or anything else, just fill in this form and we will contact you shortly or get in contact with as at 01183913542 or by email at admin@apexcare.info .






Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about domiciliary care?
You can call us directly or arrange a visit to our office for a one-to-one meeting and discussion.
To learn more about our home care facilities, please check our contact us page or call us directly at 01183913542.
What is the purpose of domiciliary care or home care?
The purpose of domiciliary care or home care is to provide support for an individal at home, helping with their daily tasks while preserving their independence.
What differentiates between home care and a care home?

Home care offers care and support for an individual by a professional carer, without the need to permanently move into a controlled, specialist setting built to deliver collective care rather than individual care.

What is the major advantage of domiciliary care or home care?
The major advantage of domiciliary care over home care is that it helps you or your loved one stay in their own home, with all the comfort and familiarity it offers. Individals retain their independence and freedom that they would not otherwise have in a care home setting.
What are domiciliary care or home care disadvantages?
Unlike a care home, you often do not have a carer around all day unless you wish to have 24hr support in place. One of the key advantages of home care is, of course, that you determine how much support you would like. However, if you intend to only have a carer support for just 2 hours out of 24 hours it may be disadvantageous, especially if your care needs do not match the time allocated, and you need assistance outside of the support times.
How much a domiciliary care service I need?
As discussed earlier, the price of our home care service depends on your care needs. Moreover, you can get your personalised care plan tailored to your individual needs. To request more information, please visit our Contact us page or call us directly on 01183913542.