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Our Night Care Support:

“We are here to support you through the night.”

 At Apex Healthcare Services Ltd, we understand that an individual’s need for care does not end once the sun sets; rather in some cases, individuals will continue to need care and support throughout the night for various reasons. And so, woffer a Night care service, to help provide reassurance and peace of mind to both clients and their family membersWe offer a flexible service giving individuals options to change the level of support to suit their needs. We know that an individual’s needs are constantly changing, and we recognize the importance  of individuals having control over their own care and supportgiving them the reassurance that the service can adapt to their needs.  

The process generally begins after an assessment is carried out to establish the level of care and support needed, then we discuss what outcomes you would like met,  followed by discussing how you would like your care and support to look like. Once all this has been established, we are then able to provide one-to-one night care,  alleviating any stress and anxiety of being without any support at night.

Who may need Night Care?

Individual’s needing this type of support service are often looking to stay in the comfort of their own home, but due to health challenges require extra care to do so

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What is Included and Who Can Benefit from Night Care


  • Challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s: Helping clients manage the challenges faced by certain progressive conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Supporting client’s manage anxiety levels, risk of wondering and providing reassurance for family members, by ensuring, a well-trained and professional carer is be available to look after their loved one.

  • Following surgery and/or recovering from an accident or incidentwhich may limit an individual’s mobility or ability to carry out certain tasks and as result they require monitoring and assistance at night.  

  • Risks of falls: falls are more likely to occur due to the darkness of night. Having a carer available at night who can assist and/or guide you when you need to get out of the bed, will help in keeping you safe and reducing the risk of falls. 

  • Seizures: People who experience certain types of seizures would benefit from monitoring at nightCarers provide a night sit in service, reassuring yourself or your loved ones, that in the event an episode occurs, a trained carer is available to assist and can contact the emergency services if needed. 

  • A strict medication schedule: Support with medication given on a strict schedule overnight. 

  • Bathroom breaks: Assisting clients at night with bathroom breaks, helping reduce the risks of falls and accidentovernight, if prone to these. 

Night Care Services We Offer:

At Apex Homecare, our night care services are categorised into “Sleeping Night Care,” and “Walking Night Care.” 

Sleeping Night Care: 

Sleeping Night Care involves having a carer sleep over to assist during the night. This type of support is popular with individuals who may have a progressive condition like Dementia or Alzheimer’s and who become anxious and are looking for a carer to sleep over to provide them with reassurance if they were to need any assistance e.g. assistance to bathroom, support changing continence padsor to be available if the client is wondering, unsure of where they are etc. 

Sleeping Night Care is a more affordable option when compared to Waking night care, however they are certain limitations to the support. For example, during a sleeping night, a carer would be able to assist up to 3 times, after which time, the support would be considered a Waking Night and would be charged at a higher rate. 

Waking Night Care: 

Waking night care requires the carer to be awake throughout the night to cater to any care needs you might have at that time. This requires the carer to be alert all night, providing care at regular intervals, and to check-in on the clients’ condition. This level of night care would better suit one with larger support needs e.g. having under gone surgery, needing continuous emotional support and reassurance e.g. challenges of dementia. Waking night care is an optimal solution for clients with dementia who are prone to wandering offcausing higher risks of falls that could possibly result in accidents and injuries. 

This image describes some old people in a happy mood in the berkshire united kingdom

Overnight or Night Care Costs

The cost of night care will depend on the level of care needed and duration. At Apex Healthcare Services Ltd we strive to ensure that at the assessment stage, we provide options for individuals allowing for a flexible, tailored approach to matching the service to individuals’ requirements and needs. Please contact us and we can arrange to come and carryout an assessment to establish the level of support we can provide and the likely cost of that support. 


A Distinctive Care Team

At Apex Healthcare Services Ltdwe have a care team that is dedicated to ensure that clients care needs are metthe members of the care team have been specifically chosen because of their work ethics, dedication to care and genuine love of the job. Many of our clients have benefited from the hard work of the care team and this has ensured that support expectations are continuously being metIn addition to this, we also strive to ensure the service provides the following :

  • Effective communication skills to ensure that individuals needs are correctly identified and are aware of the support being offered. 

  • We ensure we respond quickly to clients requests or concerns, as well as being sensitive towards their needs. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills 

  • Dutifulness, “Client-First” readiness 

  • Dedicated and compassionate nature 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is night care/support?

Night Care is the care and support of clients who need assistance overnight, the two types of support offered are usually Sleeping night care and Waking night care. 

When would I need to consider night care?

If you or a loved one is finding it challenging to manage care needs at night or if you have concerns of falls or wondering at night, then we would be able to work with you to find the best possible solution to suit your needs. 

What is the difference between sleeping and waking night care?

The difference between sleeping and waking night care is the duration the carer is awake through the night. Such that you allow the carer in sleeping night care to rest a little when you are assured that you don’t need them, whereas with walking night care carer is on duty round-the-clock. 

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